Within the clouds.(2)

IMG_4626.JPG                                                           The Clouds


I’ve heard so many stories about Aliens, and the sightings people. These people are excused away by saying they don’t know what they are talking about. But what if these people really know what they seen.

The thought of aliens hiding behind the clouds gives me a bit of a creepy feeling. Many be the aliens are watching what I do every day? What I eat, what I watch on T.V.? Do they poke fun at the clothes I have chosen for the day? Or do they love the crazy colors I choose? Is there something devious they have planned for me?  I hope it’s going to be my greatest adventure, and that would rock my world. I had a drone outside my deck door watching what I was doing. I opened the door and stood staring into the camera, but I did not see any aliens. So I raised the hammer I had in my hand and with the most devious smile on my face I stood tall, ready to assault the drone, and “poof” they flew off. If they were aliens, I must have scared they to death as they have never returned. True story, like I said before, creeped me out but only a bit.drone.jpgThere are hundreds of movies about Aliens taking over the planet. There are cute movies about Aliens interacting with children. Such as E.T.  which was a big block buster film that played at the movie theaters for years. E.T. is still quite popular with the old folks, and the younger set. A movie you could show your grand-children and not worry. A movie that had none of the death, and killing a lot of movies do these days. The innocence of old movies have died in film making these days at least in my opinion that’s how I see it. I’m not taking about animated movies either, just alien movies.movie et.jpgThe thought of aliens visiting us on this planet seems pretty weird to me. But people swear on their lives that they have seen them. Popping out from behind the clouds in their little or huge space ships. Racing across the night skies at warp speeds. I’m not debunking these people and what they have seen. I have seen many of their photos going way back in time. Little green men with large eyes that seem to look straight through to your soul. Eyes black with no sign of life.

alian ship 2.jpg

What would you do if you met an alien? ‘Wow! That’s a good question.’ Personally I would likely be frozen in one place, counting all my blessings, and praying to God to get me out of this. Then when and if I was still alive and I finished talking to myself in my head, I would likely extend a hand out to the alien, and welcome him to our little corner of  this earth. And if he bend down and bite my hand off, I’d cry like a freakin’ baby. I don’t know what you would do but I kinda hope it would be better than I would. And don’t extend a hand the alien may bite it off. Aliens are not officially real and till they are I’m going to be looking towards the skies and in them darn clouds.  To try to catch a glimpse of one.

Join me tomorrow as my eyes keep a look out on the clouds, and skies, and my mind keeps wondering endlessly.

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Take care of those you love, and be careful out there on the roads:)

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