Within the clouds (3)

space ship.png                                 Little Green men in flying soccer.


Little green men flying through the air faster than the speed of light. I sure wish sometimes that I had me one of those for flying machines. I could fly through the clouds myself, and visit friends and family a lot more than I do. Could you imagine an old lady like me, flipping through all them cloud with little green men following right behind me. But, all kidding aside. It’s true that a vast amount of people have seen unidentified objects in the night skies. Bright shining lights, railroad crossing mechanisms going crazy. Cars stopping for no reason as bright lights shine through the cars or trucks. Animals and humans being transported up into the space ships as little green men watch from small port holes in the ships outer walls.  alein.jpgOnce the humans would be returned from the space ship their memories of the event would be erased from their minds. Sure, there were some people who could recall being in bright lights on a table, and aliens all around them. Touching them in places that were private and doing things that no one had the right to do to another human or alien. When the people came home their minds, and their mannerisms were never the same. ‘You know,’ sometimes I wonder if a few of the people I am acquainted with have been returned from alien space ships. There habits have changed, and they seem to have become very distant, like their minds are out in space. ‘ HA! HA!’ :O 🙂in galleriesThe depiction of aliens has become more elaborate, scary, and even intimidating. The movie Alien was one that stands out in my mind. The movie was dark, I mean light wise, but the alien and the slime  dripping from its jaws as it’s bent over you in an intimidating stance. Each movie in the Alien series scared, thrilled, had us gasping in fear, and covering our faces so we could not see its terrifying silhouette. Each time someone went on the hunt for the alien, my inner voice kept saying. “Don’t go there you idiot.” “I’m sure there are a lot more of us warning them ‘not to go there’ in the world.” “Or could I be the only one?” Can you imagine the alien setting up a kissing booth at the mall or the side of the road? Well, I found a photo that shows just that.kissing booth.jpgI thought this would bring a slight chuckle to your day. I found it quite amusing myself. It depicts the great imagination of the artist. Seriously, Alien the movie has made a good impression in the heightened awareness of aliens. Cartoons and animation have given us more creative versions of aliens. As long as artists have imagination there will always be a better version of an aliens. A child’s imagination can hatch some pretty funny looking images. Like weird crazy aliens, baby aliens, excited aliens, dog aliens, and colored aliens. weird .pngmini alienAlien 2.jpgdog alien.jpg



alien yellow.jpg

Imagination is one of the greatest gift we can give our children and ourselves. It is a great escape from the thought of real aliens taking over the planet. It’s also good to lock out the everyday craziness of the everyday crap we go through. Escape take your place in the world of imagination. Dance to the beat of your own drum, and don’t forget to never shake an aliens hand. “He just may bite your hand off.” 🙂 🙂

Join me tomorrow as I release my wondering mind, and ramble on and on and on..  :):)cute alien.jpgTake care of all the beautiful people in your life. Say I love you lots, and give kisses and hugs to them often. Even if they fight to get away.  🙂 🙂

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