Within the clouds (4)

alien3.jpg                               Great artistic talent and imagination


Aliens are created for our entertainment. I have no idea what you think, but I love the creativity of the talented artists who can take what is in their imagination and transfer it to paper. 

I have had a great time this week, just letting the words flow from my mind. It’s been actually fun adding a bit of humour into a story that should be looked at as quite serious. But I don’t believe that we have to be serious all the time. There is plenty space in our lives in which we all can be on the crazy side of the world. So to speak. I like, off the cuff type of writing that has not too many boarders and rules. It’s like letting that part of me I reserve for the everyday encounters with the public. Thank God I don’t go there very often. I don’t have to be in the public anymore as I have retired from my days on the tread the mill of life. Having to say, yes sir or okay boss what ever you say. Your day will come someday and then you will understand the freedom of retirement.

I can now write as much as I wish and never have to say “I don’t have the time.” I’m doing things I lost out on for years and years. I try to keep busy each day and make sure I do the things I set for me to do. I do need to get out of this house more, but there are days that leave me unable to leave. For whatever reason there may be. Some of those reasons are just because I can not face the people and have no desire to do so. This is just me. I like my private world, and I do try to get out. I know this is off the topic of aliens and their taking over the world. I ask you? “Why would they want our planet after all our world is in danger of loosing species, and humans. If I were an alien I would look at another world. Our world is half covered in garbage. “Wow!” What a place to invade. I can’t see the damage done to this earth being reversed in any way. Man has damaged something so wonderous, and the opportunity for drastic change has long come to pass. And so is the rambling mind of this writer. I hope you understand who I am and why I write. I, just love passing on my vision of life. 🙂space man.pngBEEP! BEEP!

Now, back to the subject at hand. Aliens!!! As artists create their version of what they consider an Alien we will always enjoy and awe at their creations. I was in awe of the baby alien picture I posted yesterday. So cute that it make me go ‘awe’ a couple of times. And the Alien face so fragile yet so mysterious. The artist who created this has a eye for beauty in the depiction of a creature, and Alien.alien-eyes.jpg                                    Is there not beauty in those eyes?

All I know for sure is there are great people out there in this world who lead the imagination of all of us. Including me. Our generations and the generations of this planet will exist in peace, and will keep pumping out odd-looking creatures. The sightings of space ships, big foot, and lots of folklore beliefs will feed our desires, and imaginations. And life will go on forever.

alien lizard.jpg

Let your light shine brightly in the night and you never know who will come visit you.  See you next week with some kind of story devised by my over imaginative mind. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy.

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  1. Sounds like you are an introvert like I am Maggie but I appreciate that you share your imagination with us! Enjoy your weekend with Doug….

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