Within the clouds

IMG_4626.JPG                                                       The Clouds? 


Clouds can be a deciding factor on what is going to happen at that time. Clouds can hold secrets within their swirling layers of partial coated air.  Clouds can hide unbelievable scary possibilities.

I look towards the clouds with great wonder. Their beauty is mesmerizing. Their force is pushed by mother nature and her wondering forces. I love to sit and watch as the clouds put on a spectacular dance before my eyes.  Have you ever laid on the ground and watched the clouds pass by you. They seemed to be layered as one laps over the other. With puffiness like mounds of pure white snow. A small dark cloud lines up with another larger cloud, and seems to be devoured into the darkness. Or when that patch of darkness breaks open, and the blue of the sky fights to makes its way through. The sun’s rays cutting the darkness into pieces. And before you know it your face is bathed in the warmth of the sun. The dark clouds become a thing of the past as they are turned into long wisps of cloud. Have you ever felt the heat of the sun on your body, to the point that you are no longer able to endure anymore of the heat. Then just when you are ready to run and hide, when a dark cloud floats over head and slides into a bigger cloud giving you a period of time to cool down. That’s when I love the clouds most.

Then you come upon that one dark cloud that decides to open up and pour down rain all over you. You look across the road and not one person is running away from the down pour that just soaked you to the bone. Across the road not one drop of rain has fallen. That’s when you begin to think that one cloud is just trying very hard to ruin your day.  Turn that frown up side down to a smile, it’s just the clouds.  There are those clouds that sneak through the heat of the day, and showers your body in a mist of coolness. As you stand with you eyes facing the heavens, and taking in ever tiny droplet that touches you. That’s a very inviting rain the kind that is ment to make people dance around.

Then there is that fierce bank of clouds that mound higher and higher up into the sky. It seems as if they are trying to reach the gates of heaven. With winds that make you grab your jacket, your hat, and your inside out umbrella and hold on tight. The wind that makes you feel, that at any moment you would take flight. The kind of clouds that strike fear in the heart of men. The kinds of clouds that pack a devastating punch that would take lives with it. The clouds and the wind are bad company, and can turn the world upside down in front of you and others.

When you fly in a plane and the clouds pass by the window like they are in a big hurry. Big puffs, little puffs, and ones that leave you squinting to see where everything went. You can barely see the wing of the plane that you are sitting right beside. Where has it all gone, and as the plane gains height all you see is cold banks of puffy white snow. It’s the eeriest sight I had ever had the chance to experience. Descending down towards the ground passing small and large banks of clouds on our way back to earth. With your feet on the ground we look upwards to see the clouds that float on by.

Clouds are amazing in my opinion. So join me tomorrow as I let my mind wander off some where. See you then.

” Have yourself a wonderful Tuesday, and be careful on the roads.” 🙂

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